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Your world doesn't need compromises. At Makaro, we see things the same way, which is why we settle for only the best: materials from sustainable sources, chemical-free, 100x gold-plating for years of durability, fair and sustainable manufacturing in the heart of Europe.

Sustainable Gilding

Our goal is to process the most sustainable and long-lasting gold-plating. Common gold-platings such as gold-plated or Vermeil are chemically applied, which puts a heavy burden on the environment - and the gold-plating often only lasts a few months. At Makaro, we do things differently. After years of development, we now use a gold-plating process that is chemical free and sustainable and also lasts up to 100x longer than other gold-platings. We have even won awards for this, but much more important to us is the positive feedback from over 100,000 satisfied customers.

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Our Manufacturing

From the very beginning, we did not view sustainability and fairness as promises but as prerequisites. Not only do we want to create fair jobs, we also want to protect valuable craftsmanship. That is why we built our own goldsmith workshop, where each Makaro piece is lovingly made individually and by hand: sustainably, with fair wages and in small quantities, because quality trumps quantity for us.

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Our Gems

If you see the world the way we do, fairness doesn't stop at coffee or clothing. For our materials and gemstones, we therefore work exclusively with suppliers who can guarantee conflict-free and ethical resources. This includes paying fair wages, maintaining fixed working hours and break regulations as well as the strict rejection of child labor.

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Our Packaging

We've long since eliminated single-use plastic from our production and packaging. Our sustainable packaging is not only made of recycled cardboard but also designed so that you won't even want to throw it away: Reuse it as a chic home accessory after a few simple steps.

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Full Cycle

Repair, Reuse, Recycle. Bei Makaro ist unser Ziel ein ganzheitlicher Cradle to Grave Ansatz. Den Weg unserer Produkte begleiten wir also nicht nur von ihrer Entstehung bis hin zu seiner Trägerin, sondern auch darüber hinaus. Deshalb schließen wir den Produktkreislauf mit unserem Full Cycle - Repair & Recycling Programm.

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